Connor Vanover will be cleared

Unfortunately we will not be informed of the decision until February. Seriously though, at what point do we just throw in the towell and take the redshirt? Is it late November? Mid December? As long as it’s in time for conference play?

What does throwing in the towel look like? Is it any different than what the UA is doing now? He’s going to be practicing either way

He will either be eligible immediately or red shirt and have 3 years starting next year. I’m hoping like most to hear something soon like before Tuesday.

There are still 58 players waiting on waiver decision. He is not alone.

They’ll all be cleared by April 7

Nice stuff

Clemson just got a Texas Tech transfer cleared to play this season

I have noticed that many of the waiver rulings were aided by an opinion from the previous school on whether NCAA should approve or deny the waiver, like the one in case of a denial of waiver from Cleveland State to St. John’s and in the case of an approval of waiver from Kentucky to Arizona.

Is approval from the previous school a requirement or something NCAA does when they want to? Does anyone know?

Also wonder if Vanover ruling us tied up in this.

From what I understand the 50 plus (including Vanover) waiting on a ruling were not approved on the initial review and now are going thru a second review.

I thought I saw something reported that the NCAA requested additional evidence. Could it be an approval from Cal’s AD?

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It shouldn’t have anything to do w it but w the NCAA cartel who knows? You would think he would be in favor to get CV’s eligibility in and done, being that we are not on the Cal schedule.

There actually may be an unwritten rule about requiring approval from the previous school before granting a waiver. Latest news is that NCAA has denied a couple of more transfer waivers of players transferring from Cleveland State, in addition to Rasheem Dunn to St. John’s. Word is Cleveland State AD is not approving any.

Did Cal have any other transfers besides Connor?

Yes, 1 guard who is appealing the NCAA decision. 1 foward who has to sit a year, and Conner who hasn’t been decided yet

Sounds like the NCAA needs to grow a pair and tell the Cal AD to stick it. Cal fired their coach. The AD needs to stop screwing with the players who want out. Virtually all schools understand this happens when they fire their coach.