Connor Vanover waiver

The family is hoping to hear something on the waiver this week but no one truly knows if it will happen this week or not.

Connor’'s waiver is much like Elton’s Daniel. I can see it waving goodbye.

With the NCAA, you can’t rule out anything. I think there is still a (small) chance he gets it.

Got my fingers crossed. This would be a game changer, considering the roster is short on size and his ability to draw the opposing big man away from the paint.

Wonder why this is taking so long to get an answer back ?

Because he is at AR and not KY

Maybe they handle waivers in alphabetical order.:grinning:

:joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Very true. If it was Duke or Kentucky, he would have been clear a month ago.

What was his rationale for requesting a waiver? Can’t just be coming home, can it?

There was supposedly a family issue, and I believe a coaching change at Cal. Dudley or RD can say for sure.

The health of the grandmother.

This was just approved for UNLV player, reason was to be near his ailing mother, similar request, mother v grandmother, biggest difference is the UNLV player will be in the same city as.

I wonder why this taking so long? Why string the kid out like this?