Connor Vanover Hypothetical Question

His playing time has completely dried up, so there has naturally been some discussion about whether he may transfer to another school after the season.

My question: He had to sit out here when he transferred from California, since that was before the one-time transfer rule. If he were to transfer again, can he play immediately at his new school?

(If he had to sit out again, I think that would exhaust his eligibility, unless he went to a small, lower division school where the transfer rules are different.)

I think he can play immediately if he has graduated. Trey Wade had already transferred from UTEP to Wichita then when he came here he could play immediately because he had his degree.

If he were to transfer and had to sit out a year, would that year count against his eligibility? I don’t think it counts against your eligibility if you never enter a game. He would just be getting up in years by the time he played again (kind of like Notae being 24).

Yup. It counts. Thanks to COVID he has six years to play five. This is year four, playing three. If he sat out next year he’d be in year six in 2024 but could only play four.

Got it. I was thinking of the medical redshirt system, if you sit out a year due to injury you don’t lose that year of eligibility. But I guess even that’s not automatic, have to petition the NCAA to get that extra year of eligibility back.

It is an interesting question with the new portal rules. He was transfered once before the portal came into play and sat out a year. If he were to enter the portal now could he still claim the one free transfer and be eligible to play immediately?

I love Connor and his team spirit, but that experiment failed. He needs to move down a level if he wants to keep playing basketball. He just is not an SEC big. Period.


Just too slow. The lack of foot speed makes it impossible to play him in big games.

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Whether he transfers or not I don’t think he will be on scholarship next year.

I don’t think he will be on the roster next season! He won’t play!

Sad but true!

IMO CV is gone. We will see but his good luck has gone out the window…

I answered that above. I think he could use the graduate transfer provision if he gets his degree, as Trey Wade did. Trey went from UTEP to Wichita to UA.

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