Connor Vanover back in portal

Can they call him for traveling :joy:?


Would be nice to see Senor Vanover in a Hog uniform again.


My goodness, that boy gets around more than the Allman Brothers Band in their hay day. And I doubt seriously that Muss wants any part of a Vanover do over.

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Cal to Arkansas to ORU to ? Maybe he will have his degree, but otherwise…

That is the 7th transfer from ORU. They are threatening Iona’s current record of 9 transfers.

I thought LSU lost their whole team last year?

Would be really nice to see Senor Vanover come back and finish up here. Unfinished business. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say he’d be a welcomed addition.

He wouldn’t play here if he comes back. Just like he didn’t play the second half of last season. He might as well go somewhere where he won’t be parked at the end of the bench.

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He can go to Ole Miss and they will have the true twin towers… they already have 1…7’5 guy

Not sure how many of LSU loses last year were transfers.

However, this year they have 7 transfers out just like ORU.

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Sorry, Lynn, but that experiment failed. I wish Connor well, but I don’t want him back.


Why? That experiment failed. HARD PASS