Connor Noland

strikeouts 12 while allowing one hit, one walk in 5 2/3 innings in 7-0 win over Booneville.

Any chance he signs to play pro ball after high school?

Slim to none, unless he gains about 5+mph on his fastball, and has a reasonable number he would sign for. The later has as much, if not more bearing on one’s signing in the draft.

Something to consider: He was throwing 90 last summer when he was 16. That’s a good speed for that age and there typically is a sizable jump from a junior to senior season, too. You’re right in saying that speed wouldn’t get him drafted now as a right-hander, but there still is another year between now and when he will be eligible for the draft. A lot can happen in the interim.

It really depends on how he can pitch and not so much on velocity. I haven’t seen him pitch but I know the Arkansas coaches like what they see.

Perfect Game rates Noland 9.5/10 which means they think he could be a top 10 round pick after his senior year. He is old for his class and would be baseball draft-eligible again after his sophomore season of college.

All of this is presented without knowing Noland or whether he has desire to play pro baseball, but I think the opportunity will be there for him should he want to do it.

Throwing and working at a speed are two different things. Again, the number someone will sign for is important coming out of high school, look at some of our previous baseball commits.

I think pro baseball is still a very good possibility. I talked to a pro scout. He loves Noland. Could be a high pick.

I didn’t know if Conner had ruled out pro ball for now, no matter what the offer. I thought maybe he wanted to have the college experience.

Well, he’s said elsewhere that he fully plans on playing at the university in both sports. I realize that’s easy to say right now, he isn’t draft eligible.

I think Connor will attend college, but money talks.

Oh, no doubt, but it would have to be very early round money, from what I’ve heard, and he isn’t there yet.