Connor Noland

Kid, I am not sure you are ready. Its probably not fair to toss you in against Auburn, at Jordan Hare, after they lost a heartbreaker and will be PISSED, and with this o-line that couldn’t block North Texas.

But–its clear to me this is your team now. At least for this year. Your dream of being the Hog QB just came true. Good luck.

Do you believe in miracles? Yes…but I am not sure about this season!

I doubt they completely throw him to those wolves. He looked unprepared to face the vaunted Mean Green Defense.

No QB can be prepared for horrible OL but he did show some escpability and a great arm this staff calls the worst pass routes I have seen…everything is deep or to the sideline meanwhile NT was putting a clinic of how you throw quick slants and passes over the middle where you can’t sack them.

We don’t seem to understand that…throwing all the deep balls into double coverage to Pettway who probably cant break 4.6 40 is insane. they DT all our deep throws which leaves somebody open! staff has a lot of soul searching to do…embarrasing

Only one man has the build, the stature and the guts to withstand the physical torture that is coming to the Arkansas QB over the next three weeks. That man is Cole Kelly. Let him take that punishment then build him a statue. Hide the women, children and freshman quarterbacks until its Tulsa time.

I was under the impression that the QB and WR read the coverage and react in real time, SO this is not supposed to be a static play call by the coach to go deep. Cole Kelley was not coached to throw into double coverage, throw deep when all we need is 8 yards, slow reads, stare down the receiver,etc.

Lol, The Predetermined RPO.

Common Sense should tell you you need to run something shallow in the middle to give him a chance to check it off to them but we don’t

just don’t kill him before baseball season, we need pitchers… I did not watch after the 1Q so I don’t know how Connor looked. I listened while running errands that were not necesarry but I had to escape watching AR football for the first time in my life.


Put Koilan Jackson in at quarterback

I hear you but to be fair they were running some of that stuff but CK either didn’t see it or didn’t read it. He seems to rather sling it down the field with his strong arm.

Perfect summation. I sat first row south end zone and personally witnessed some of those high arching prayers that had absolutely no chance. Jarrius Wright and Joe Adams made a career catching passes that traveled less than 10 yards. With the instability of our offensive line, getting the ball out of the hands of the QB quickly would seem to be a no brainer. And by the way, was De’Vion Warren hurt. I can’t recall him in the game, especially on KOs.

as bad as our OL is we are going to have to use the same scheme NT does,get the ball out quick and let the players make plays the only problem is we are lacking playmakers at WR I know Jones can fly and I know Hammonds would be great catching those crossing routes and maybe Woods/Warren but we can’t expect this OL to give anyone much time they are just arent capable of doing it.I don’t remember seeing Warren out there coiuld be wrong but can’t recall it.

I didn’t see Connors INT what happenwed on it?? I still beleive he’s our best he has a great arm that throw he made friom hash to hash was awesome and he looks like he belongs back there even Froholdt said he brought in positve vibe.

Warren was out with an injury

Two veteran less than average QBs and two undersized freshmen QBs. It is going to be tough. Hope the starter for next year is not on the campus,

I saw those routes. I didn’t see the qb progress to them. I just a qb make the wrong read before and after the snap time after time.

Noland is not undersized.

He’s in fact a very good size, height and weight.

JSJ is a little bitty thing though, no way he’s 5’11.