Connor Noland

I liked the thinking behind DVH starting CN today. Just my guessing
was that if he started Wick today and they lost, then putting CN on
the mound in that elimination game might be a moment that was just
a touch too big for the freshman, while a non-elimination might be
just a touch less pressure.

Well, looks like even this moment was a bit too much for the young
man and he didn’t even get an out into the 2nd before he was pulled.
I think he has a very bright future, but today was just one of those
Freshman moments.

Lets hope out bullpen and offense can get it done today or we will find
out how well Wick handles the big moment.


you guys give Connor too much credit for a tough psyche, I have not seen that in him all year even on his “good” days. Not a day of dominance all year, just happy when he wins with his mediocre stuff and good d behind him

Mediocre stuff?


Not one bit of dominance?

You must have missed the seven innings against national seed Mississippi State

You guys sure turn on these kids quickly.

DVH pitched CN today because he views him as his second best starter.

Wicklander is also a freshman.


Geez, gimme a break! Connor’s last 4 starts before this game:

Against, LSU, A&M, OM, and CCCS in the regional - 20 innings, 3 ER (1.35 ERA), 10 Ks, and 1 walk.

Yes, today he struggled with his mechanics and thus his location, for the first time in 5 games.

How dare you bring facts to an opinion party? :smiley:

guarantee that I have not been a Noland fan all year and no he is not dominant ever not even MSU. That was his best game which is given, I don’t think he has big league stuff in the making. Draftable late but not gonna be a dominant SEC pitcher. Seems more like a day three pitcher who can fold in a hurry. No change and will feel the same if he heads to Omaha. Pure trepidation every time he is on the mound. I know you covered him a lot at Greenwood and now on the Hill, but we need another starter who can win no matter what for next year and hope for the best with Connor if he has another day on the mound this year. Needs velocity, his location is sometimes on and more often off. I’m sure he is a good kid, but he has not carried the team any start this year, serendipitous that we hit pretty well for him.

maybe those facts got their ass kicked today? and not the first time this year.

Noland has been good for us, but he’s certainly not dominant. I don’t know how that could be argued.

We faced a kid today who has dominant stuff. He doesn’t always have great outings or wins, like a freshman typically would do. But his stuff is dominant. Noland has put up some good numbers over the last month, but his stuff isn’t dominant. Maybe it will be, but it’s pretty vanilla right now. He’s given up more hits than he has strikeouts, only he ramage and Trest can say that. He’s been a starter all year and should have more than 53, with the second most innings pitched. Scroggins who missed a decent amount of time and comes in for relief has the same amount on almost 30 less innings pitched.

While he may be the Saturday starter. He’s not the second best starter.

Wicklander is the better pitcher at this moment, with better stuff. His ERA is a little higher, and he gets a little wild, but hes second in strike outs, on less innings pitched. He, like Noland has his share of freshman moments, but when he’s on, he’s quite a bit better.

I agree that what I watched today Conner will never make it in the Majors. He has no fast ball and his stuff is not good enough.

He has pitched better lately but facts are he is 3-5 on the year. That is not dominant.

And a couple of those losses were because of no run support not because of bad pitching!

Absolutely right, BH!

He’s definitely had some games where he has pitched well but not gotten much run support.

One thing about him I’ve noticed is that DVH tends to pull him quickly. I’m not saying that’s wrong, by any means. He just doesn’t seem to get much leeway.

It seems some in this thread think that dominance equates to strikeouts only for a college or MLB pitcher. They probably thought Maddux was a sucky pitcher.

At this stage of his career, Connor is a good, not great college pitcher. Keep in mind, he has never spent a minute in an off-season college or high school weight and training baseball program. His major concentration (in season and off-season), to this point has been football. Without that, he already has very good location skills and a 90 mph fastball with movement much of the time. He has an 82-83 mph slider with good late bite much of the time. No, he didn’t have that today, but he did in his previous 4 starts. The MLB pitcher that calls games for SEC games said that Connor would be able to add 3-4 mph to his fast ball if he would spend a year in a baseball only weight and development program.

It sounds like he’s planning to concentrate on baseball the rest of his career at Arkansas. If he does that, you will see much improvement in his velocity, in the late action on his slider, and the development of a 3rd pitch. He will also become more consistent in his already very good location skills. And most of all, his arm will be much stronger and you’ll see him pitching into the 7th and 8th innings instead of the 5th and 6th. He probably won’t be considered “dominant” by some posters because he’ll probably never approach the magic high 96 to 100 mph fastball, but he could be an MLB pitching prospect with great “stuff and location”.

I do agree that Connor, right now, is not a “dominate” pitcher. I don’t agree that he has never been dominate at any time this season. If you pitch 20 consecutive innings, giving up 3 earned runs with a 1.35 ERA with 1 walk, and only 11 hits, you have been dominate in a couple of those games. Campbell has been a “dominate” pitcher this year, but he wasn’t last year despite his 94-95 mph fastball. Connor is not there, but I believe he will get there in the next 2 years.

If Connor does concentrate only on baseball, Wicklander and he could become the best Fri-Sat pitching combo in the SEC over the next 2 seasons. Only if Connor gives up football though.

I like nolan as a pitcher. I think he will be better the next two years.

A dominant pitcher is Campbell this year. Knight last 2 years. Someone that you can count on for the most part until 6 th or 7th inning. Nolan has shown flashes this year. Kid is only a freshman. Wicklander the same. I don’t think he is dominant either. Their time will come.

DVH pulling him early a lot this year tells you the coach doesn’t have confidence, YET. I didn’t expect nolan or Wicklander to be dominant this year. In fact tomorrow he will have a quick hook on Wicklander also.

Uh… Greg Maddux who’s top 10 all time in Ks? He may not have been randy johnson with the strikeouts but he got his fair share. His best thing that lead to his dominance was that he basically never gave up homeruns.

I agree that we could have a good fri-sat combo next year. Wicklander will be the ace though, that I will put the house I don’t have on.

Connor does a good job of keeping balls in or close to the zone, but I don’t personally think he has that great command you’re alluding too, or else he wouldn’t give up so many hits and Hrs. He’s pretty prone to floating a meatball right across the top of the plate. That’s a freshman thing that can be fixed. He certainly needs to drop football and focus on baseball. Idk about 4 mph more, but he could add a few more. His main thing is he needs to be more aware of his placement and who’s at the plate… and be better when there is runners on.

I think he could easily make a good jump next year.

I think Wicklander could make a dominant jump though. He’s a little more bipolar right now, but he’s just flat out got the better stuff. I’m excited about him over the next two years. I look forward to a lefty Ace.

I think Noland will be comparable to a right handed version of Kasey Murphy, a good but not great pitcher.

I think Wicklander could easily get into the Blaine Knight and now, Campbell rankings. But he’s a lefty, so even better.

He absolutely carried Arkansas in that Mississippi State game - 7 2/3 innings, 4 hits, 5 strikeouts, 0 walks. It was a 1-0 game until Arkansas scored eight in the sixth inning.

The next week vs. Tennessee he pitched 7 innings, allowed 2 hits, struck out 10 and walked 1. And the game was 2-1 when he left.

He has been up and down, but he has shown flashes of being really good this year, especially over the past seven or so weeks. And that is without ever going through a baseball offseason.

His draft isn’t for another two years. Two years ago I wasn’t sure Jacob Kostyshock, Cody Scroggins or Jack Kenley would have been drafted in a significant spot, or even Matt Cronin for that matter. A pitcher almost always makes a significant jump from his freshman to sophomore season.

I’ve heard Van Horn say numerous times that he hopes to get five innings out of Noland and that six would be a great outing.

Connor Noland didn’t have his beat today but that can be said for a few higs today!
Our hogs are fine. Connor Noland and Patrick Wicklander will be depended on a lot the next 2 years! There’s no reason to get down our him!