Connor Noland signed

Well that’s just a double shot of bad news. All the best to Connor. I wish him a Steve Carlton in 71 kind of career. May he be a great pitcher on some really dreadful teams!

I wish I could read it. Log in crap…finally… Login, then logout, then login, can read the article.

What article? Matt posted a Tweet and it is shown in the first post of this thread.

Well, I’ll be darned. This is the first time the same has happened to me. I had to do exactly the same thing you did to get to the article.

The last year or 2, I’ve read about how it was happening to other posters. It’s now also happened to me. I definitely see why everyone was (and some still are) irritated about it. I guess it will happen to me each time from now on? Very strange!

There is an article on the main board about Nolan and Taylor signing. I hit “latest news” at the top of this forum page. I saw the article, but had to try to log in and log out and log back in again to read the article. First time for me to have to do that like mp24 had to do.

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OK, gotcha.

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no details from “friendly” sources, but seems likely that CN would have to go under slot value. That is the Twitterverse opinion of Nubbie fans that are trying to muster money for over slot draft picks made much earlier.

Connor got $200,000, which was about $35,000 over slot.


Thanks. Connor earned that this past season. Really happy for him.

I never believed he was coming back no matter what anyone told me or I saw posted. He is healthy and primed for a pro career. The time is now. He has been through injuries and sat out because of the Covid year. Nothing these days is a guarantee. He made a good decision. Saying he might return and having a healthy NIL deal was great leverage.

It’s also good to be taken by a organization you love. Go Cubs. (And I am not a Cubbie.)


Good for Connor! He most certainly deserved it

I don’t think anybody has earned it or deserves it more than Connor.
Good Luck Mr Noland.

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I am, Go Cubs! (even though we suck again)

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