Connor Noland’s latest outting

stuckout 15 and gave up 2 hits and 2 bases on balls in a 5-0 win over Harrison today.

I’m not surprised if he is our starting QB in the opener Sept 1.

I wonder whether he already has the playbook. How much can the coaching staff give him before he actually enrolls as a student?

I will be surprised.

While I think he is going to turn out to be a great one, giving him his first start while getting limited snaps in 20 or so practices is a tough situation.

I don’t rule out him starting later in the season and being the QB here for some time, but handing him the keys to the car without the full knowledge of how to drive it seems careless.

One guy told me the other day that this offense is just throwing a bunch of short passes. There is a little bit more to it than that.

Certainly wouldn’t be a precedent for an exceptional freshman to start at QB, even at the U of A. Not being on campus now certainly hurts his chances. My understanding is he knows this offense. We’ll see :wink:

Agreed. Had he been on campus already it might be a whole different story but not being on campus will make it very tough. But as DD said, would’nt rule out working into that spot about midway through the season either. Be interesting to see.

I was told yesterday that he doesn’t have a playbook, but does have film to sift through.

I’m going to watch him play baseball tomorrow and plan to have a conversation with him on football and baseball and have a story up on Saturday morning.

He knows the scheme of the offense. He does not know the offense and he does not know college defenses.

He does not need to rushed. He needs to play when he is ready to do so, not when the fans want him to do so.

Play when the fans want him to? That’s a good one Dudley! This fan wants the QB to play who wins the job in the eyes of the coaches. Based on the current roster, I think it’s possible that could be CN. Yeah, maybe it’s more realistic for it to happen mid-season. Good point. Play when the fans want him to? BAD POINT! :smiley:

I understand you get it, but not everyone does.

That’s obvious from this board, my time on the radio the last two weeks and fans who come up to me to offer their opinion.

One of the more intriguing points seems to be this - they are going to be bad this season so I wish the coach would just go ahead and throw him into the fire.

I don’t agree with throwing any player in the fire if they aren’t ready! ( Mitch Mustain) comes to mind! He wasn’t ready either. His head swelled up and his ego has never changed.

I hope Noland redshirts next year on the football team! I do hope he gets a shot pitching on the diamond.

This offense sets Connor up for a better opportunity to play sooner than pro-style because its similar to what he ran at Greenwood, but to expect a freshman to play at high level in DI level is hard to see, but it can happen, but rare.

Thanks. Does anyone know whether all the 2018 class will be on campus at the start of the first summer session?

Not sure yet.