Connor Noland is the QB for the future IMO

this guy has everything you need to be a great QB,very accurate strong arm and good speed and is the perfect QB for the Morris system way better than any we have.I am very aware of his Baseball prowness but this guy is a stud and I really hope he gets every opportunity to win the job next yr.

I’m sure he will be given every opportunity to become a Razorback legend. WPS.

I think of him like the QB from Hawaii that signed with Bama and came in to win the Georgia game.

Think of him being more of a baseball stud, who will get drafted and get a nice signing bonus. And being smart, what would you do?

very hard to make in Pro Baseball very very hard.guys that can throw hard and have good stuff come dime a dozen.

How many former Razorbacks are playing profession baseball? How many former Hog qbs have made it in the NFL?

If that happens I’ll wish him well. But my take on him is he really wants to be a QB for the hogs. That’s where his heart is right now.

I know what your talking about but you act like its a done deal he’s going to get offered big money and all I’m saying you better have a mid 90’s FB to get offered the big money out of HS too many guys can throw 90-92 .He may very well get offered but I will be surprised.

Is he enrolled for the spring semester? If so, then I would expect him to give some competition to the current rostered QBs. If not, then he will redshirt 2018. I don’t know enough about the QBs other than Kelley and Storey, but finding one who can run Coach Morris’s offense is going to be interesting. Does anyone know whether SMU employed a shotgun formation most of the time?

He isn’t early enrolling because he said he was committed to lead his baseball team again this spring.

I would say SMU ran shotgun (or variants) almost exclusively.

yes from what I understand he ran a offense very similar to Morris and why I say he is built for this offense,has the arm,speed knowledge to seperate from the Kelly and storey,I am not high on either one of them so hopefully he can come a
in and impress.

Connor does have a plus-90 fast ball.

Will likely get it up to 95 or so this year. Has other pitches.

I think he wants to be the quarterback here as well, but I also think he’ll have a tough choice in the right team decides to throw money at him.

The Redbirds would be the right team. But financially, the Yankees, the Red Sox, Cubs and Dodgers might be the ones who wouldn’t mind throwing a lot of money his way.

I’m told that it would take a lot of money to skip playing football and baseball at Arkansas. I do not think he will be a high draft choice because he’s telling scouts that he wants to go to college. That’s risky for a team to draft a player they cannot sign. If the Noland family can afford to go to Rome for Christmas, they probably aren’t going to need a big pro offer sheet to make them happy.

I had the same thought. But that’s the same with a lot of baseball prospects. The Benintendis aren’t hurting for bucks, for one recent example.

You may be on to something there, I would think with Cole & Ty it’s like starting over to some extent and could possibly be a disadvantage to them due to having to break old habits. We have a group of QBs to choose from and most think Cole is the leader of the pack at this time but spring ball will begin to define things some. Always look forward to spring which brings forth hope and enthusiasm to a hungry fan base! WPS

Maybe he would do a Tim Tebow, go for baseball after football.