Connor Noland is strike thrower

Some who have seen everything Nolan has done think he’s really solid. Watch out in league games. He could start.

I talked to several at the basketball game that have seen scrimmages and they marvel at Noland’s poise and command on the mound. He’s not your normal freshmen. His arsenal of pitches is complete. He throws them all for strikes. He can bury a breaker in the dirt on 0-2, too.

I don’t know that all of the pitching experiments to find starting pitching are going great. Cody Scroggins and Kole Ramage haven’t been as productive as probably hoped. I am guessing they still are in situational relief. To start, you need several pitches. You won’t slide through the lineup multiple times with one pitch. I’m not saying they don’t have more than one, but you better be able to locate them consistently or good hitters will light you up in the SEC.

Casey Martin has been exceptional so far. He may be as good as anyone in college baseball right now.

Noland’s ability to get batters to swing through two-strike off-speed pitches was impressive when I watched him pitch. There is good movement on them, especially the slider.

I think he will be the Sunday starter by SEC time after Cambell and Wicklander,impressive rotation if all pitch as well as they are capable.

Which really makes you wonder if he will ever be a Saturday starter in the fall. The very early reports seem to indicate he’s a lot closer to SEC ready in baseball than football. Maybe he’s the very rare bird that can excel in both sports at the major college level at the same time. It’s going to be interesting to watch Noland’s development in both sports the next six or seven months.