Connor Noland goes 8-0

Richard is it remotely possible for Noland to come in a play a big role on the hogs pitching staff next year?

Sure. Not saying he will, but he does seem to have nice stuff and good control.

I wouldn’t expect him to be available to DVH much until after spring football concludes. CM will have him in conditioning in February and practice after that.


One of the perks of the priority ranking giving football the scholarship spot. He will have to make football his main focus. I expect he will do well at both. But I think the football team also needs him the most!

He plans to be with the baseball team from word go.

It will be a true share.

There isn’t a plan to go to baseball after football.

The plan - according to him and via the coaches - is to pitch and get to football when he can.

Very interesting. And a good reason to tap the brakes for those who think he’ll be the answer to CM’s prayers. He may be, but he’ll have to do it as a part-time QB. It’s obvious where he thinks his post-UA athletic future lies, and it ain’t the NFL.

I know that after watching him play in both sports that I expect him to be successful in college in both.

But if I was forced to pick a sport at that he would succeed at professionally, it would easily be baseball.

I think he can duplicate what Kyler Murray is doing at Oklahoma and he even talked about that.

the three stories on him I wrote last week … nor+Noland