Connor Limpert

CCM mentioned it would have been good from 65…looking at the replay, I can’t disagree. :sunglasses:

Limpert told me he has made a 69-yard kick in Razorback Stadium before. I’m not sure if that was in warmups, with/without pressure, etc., but it is obvious he has a big leg, and he is generally consistent. He has made 32 of 39 field goals in his career. I think he is one of the most underrated players on the team.


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I sat on the back row of the press box Saturday, next to a couple of scouts from the Steelers and Jets. When Limpert came out to kick the field goal one of the scouts said, “This is a fake. There is no way he makes this.” I told them I thought he would and was told I was crazy. After he made it I noticed both of them turn to their notebooks. Then as the game went on one of the scouts was using his stopwatch to get a read for how quickly Limpert approaches the ball.

All of that is to say that I bet his name is brought up in some scouting rooms this week.


now THAT’s inside scoop! love it, thx as always, Matt


Who is the 2nd kicker, Bauer or Sackett?

Matthew Phillips, a sophomore, is listed as the second-team kicker.

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Yes, Matthew Phillips is the back-up kicker. Reid Bauer is the back-up punter.

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