Connor is like an NFL fullback

It’s good to have one, though you rarely use one anymore. Justin and the 4 G’s was just what the doctor ordered today.

He’s really good against a MVSU.

He was good against Ole Miss too.

Them Mississippi Schools:)

The only thing Connor and an NFL fullback have in common is they both don’t play any Defense lol Sorry that was too easy. And I’m still mad he lost the tip off today.

He is talented, just needs to put on some good weight and move his feet a little bit more. He’ll develop. In the meanwhile, fine to comment, that is what this board is for, but give him a break.

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Conner has a great attitude. He is a team first player. I expect him to get stronger and quicker as he continues to improve his play. He may never be a star, but I believe he can be a significant role player in another year or two.

My personal feeling about Razorback players is to applaud their success and encourage the players who don’t have a good game. I know that poor effort, bad sportsmanship, and bad attitudes can never be tolerated and I certainly will never give a pass to players who personally play that way. Bad behavior from one can ruin team chemistry and it must be eliminated quickly before it ruins the team.


Conner’s value to the team will be much greater down the road…

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I agree that Connor’s best days are ahead of him. He’s had his moments this year, and without him, we’d probably have a couple more losses. Love his attitude and he certainly seems to have the respect and admiration of his teammates. Like an old fashioned FB, you never know when you might need him.

You can hope, wish and continue to hype him all you want, but you’re getting what you’re gonna get from Connor.
He is who he is. He has a place on this team but not logging major minutes.
I’’ll repeat…if he is logging more than 15 or so minutes a game consistently while in a Hog uniform, we are in trouble. He’s just not that guy y’all!

Maybe you are not that guy, no? Maybe you are not that guy yes!

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