Connor has to avoid giving up the HR

The Long ball has been his only trouble area so far,he has tendency to put the ball down middle sometime but when he’s on he keeps the ball down and pitches to contact but this avery dangerous to team to let hit the ball especiually today where runs are going to probably be harder to come by,He allowed only 2 hits in 5 inn. in Hoover against OM so hopefully he can do that and we can get a few and close this out

I don’t have a concern regarding a couple one run dingers…which also happened to Campbell yesterday. The key is pitching tough with runners on base and especially in scoring position. So, Connor is perhaps our most accurate pitcher (i.e, he throws more balls over the plate), he just needs to be very careful with a couple of the Rebs left handed batters.

well guess what he didn’t ! stinking 3 run Bomb!!! and another!! has swung all the momentum on their side!!!

Guess what…he didn’t again.
Another HR for OM.
Let’s not waste any time here. If Conner can’t get er done…get em out!
Conner is done!

Apparently Ole Miss got mad about getting mauled.

Apparently we were pretty impressed with ourselves.

He couldn’t get his breaking ball over. They blast his fastball

Connor doesn’t throw with a lot of velocity, so it is always about location with him. He has a tendency to miss high and hitters can drive that, especially when the wind is blowing out like it was today.

What Noland has been able to avoid most of this year is the big home run like the three-run shot Ole Miss hit in the first inning. Most of the home runs have been solo. Solo home runs hurt, but they don’t kill you like the multi-run shots. Ole Miss scored seven runs today on homers.

Hopefully he can pick up about 4-5 MPH before next yr.