Conner Vanover

I know he is a polarizing player. I curse him myself sometimes. But…no one else in the country has a player like him. He is a unicorn. Muss had a really good game plan for him today. I suspect that will continue. Another 25 lbs and a bit of a mean streak, and all of us will be really glad he is a Hog. He is very skilled, and he seems to embrace getting better. At least I hope that’s the case.

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Hey Conner has made a few dunks, hit some 3’s, some blocks to lately. I think you can see his confidence rising.
Heck before you know it he will be going from end to end with a couple behind the back dribbles and performing a 360 tomahawk slam from the FT line!!!
Ok maybe not all that, lol.
But Muss kept throwing him out there until things started clicking little by little. He’s in the big boy league now and coming around. Muss knows what he is doing here.

Why is he polarizing? Kid plays hard. I saw some things today that I didn’t know he had. I’m glad he’s a hog


Charles Bassey is a stud center that can block and shoots the three and Liam Robbins isn’t bad either. Both aren’t as tall as Connor but Connor can’t jump.Hayden Koval isn’t bad either at 7-1. Maybe your unicorn comment just refers to 7-3?

He should not be polarizing. That’s on some of our vocal armchair qb fans.

He’s a Hog to the core, and I’m glad to have him.

We would have been 0-2 last week without him.


Also remember that Connor is only a redshirt soph and actually has an extra “Covid year” I suspect we will have him that entire time. He will be a leader and and anchor for future teams.

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He is not polarizing, by any means. We wish he was more athletic and would dominate a game, but if he was he would be playing in the NBA. We will take what we can get from Conner. We don’t have any size or muscle except for Smith, so we are glad we have the big boy.

We should also keep in mind how sick he was before the season. Remember, he lost over 20 pounds that he had gained in his red-shirt year. That was 20 pounds he really needed for the SEC season. It’s about impossible to gain weight during the season. If, in this off season, he can gain back those 20 pounds and maybe put on a few more, he’ll take another talent jump next season. I can’t wait to see what he can do at 245.

I just noticed that Connor is listed at 247, but I’m pretty sure that was his pre-season weight.

I said polarizing because I’m in all the in-game threads. Trust me there are some people on here who don’t think the other team should ever make a layup when Conner is on the floor. As far as a unicorn, I know about Bassey, but there aren’t too many other Conner Vanovers out there that I’ve seen.

I think Conner will continue to get better. Height , great hands, good passer. He just needs to put on about 30 pounds of muscle. He has been a key cog in the 6 game SEC win streak.

That’s correct. He’s confirmed in interviews that he’s anywhere between 220 and 225.

I’ve been a fan of Connor since he was a sophomore at the Baptist Prep. He was polorizing to our fans during his recruitment, because half of us wanted him and half of us thought he was too slow. I think about 99% of us are glad he’s a Hog now.

I’m also glad that he’s a Hog…he will get much better under Muss.

If Vanover can be more effective posting up and make that little jump hook consistently, he will make us a nightmare for other teams on offense. Teams won’t know what to do with him because he can shoot from the perimeter too.

I’m glad he’s a Hog but let’s not get carried away.
He was a complete liability on defense. We were (and have been) getting killed in the pick and roll when he’s on the floor.
It’s no secret our OT defense got MUCH better when he sat out the final minutes.

His defensive effectiveness depends on the opponent. Against race horse teams that are quick and athletic, Conner can be a step slow. He has proven to be an effective shot blocker at the rim and has been effective from 3 point, mid range, and dunks. He has made a few baby hook shots recently. He will improve as he gains weight and strength and Muss and staff will work on his footwork and feel for the game. You don’t have the fastest or most athletic, you just need to play smart like Larry Bird. 2 years from now, Conner can be real weapon for the Hogs.

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I would contend that he is “A real weapon” now. Can he improve? If course, but he is also very effective at what he provides this team.

He scored 12 points in 12 minutes at Misery. Pretty efficient use of his PT. Averaging 7.9 in spite of his defensive limitations cutting into his minutes.

I can remember when there were some off-season training camps for big men only that included a mix of college and pros that wanted to improve their game. Do those still happen? If so, would this be something Van the Man should take advantage of a time or two?

There was an error in the final box score from Saturday. Connor Vanover played nearly 26 minutes.