Conner Vanover

Just thinking back to the red/ white game in Barnhill. I don’t think Conner even hit the rim on his 4 3’s. I can’t imagine how much better our record would be this year if the NCAA hadn’t screwed him and us. He is a matchup nightmare. We would be squarely in the tourney, and probably ranked, if he was playing. No use crying now over spilt milk, but the future is definitely bright for our Hogs! Just hoping for some late season magic from this year’s team once Joe gets back.

I watch him shoot some at halftime of the games. He is a very good shooter with a nice stroke and soft touch. He needs to be able to play defense and rebound. He is 7-3!!! Yes, 7-3. He makes Reggie Chaney look short. He is a giant. Surely, the guy can get on the glass. He doesn’t even need to jump to get above the rim. I bet he can touch the rim on his tip toes.

Connor is the most intriguing piece next year. Yes, he can shoot that 3 like anyone else, but here are the questions I have about him based on how he looked at Cal. I have no idea how he looks now after sitting out the year.

Can he play Muss’s man defense? Foot speed was his weakness.

Under the basket, he was easily pushed around. Has he gained enough weight to counter that?

He didn’t show much liking for physical contact and scoring inside. Mostly shot jump shots. Has he developed an inside game?

I see him at every game. But he is always wearing his warmups, so is is hard to tell how he has progressed in physical maturity. Appreciate if anyone has an update on this.

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