Conner Vanover waiver?

When does he expect to hear about this?

Hard to say but will try and do some checking.

NCAA will have to be big time hypocrites to give the waiver…they just turned down a kid w the ill Grandmother.
Reason(s) was not only distance(within 100 miles) but also not in the “Nuclear Family”.

Cal did just hire Mark Fox, maybe he can use that.

Told August is a good target. Hard to pinpoint an exact date though.

Lol my dude RD has a source for everything. Love it!

I’m clinging to hope. But doubt it happens.

He’s not a QB from a high profile program. I predict the NCAA turns him down.

I think he has a good argument for a waiver , but there’s no way of knowing how the NCAA will rule.

If the young man was headed into a blue blood it would almost be automatic! I sure won’t hold my breathe

I concur that Army.

In 1994 or ‘95, we have a shot due to national relevancy. 2019, a complete gamble and hope blue blood money doesn’t influence NCAA. Ya, right.

I always get a chuckle out of the whole “transferring due to a sick relative” line. Why do the kids NEVER end up in a city (college) where the relative ACTUALLY lives? It’s all about exploiting a loophole!

Maybe. But the NCAA sure had a big hand in dethroning us. The awful Adebayo/Pate decision that they amazingly later overturned and the ban on JUCO recruiting (which was very fruitful for us at the time) were huge setbacks.

Pate and Adebayo with what we had in ‘96 would have extended our run in the Top 10. I hate the NCAA. It’s a cowardly, hypocritical organization that doesn’t try to value enforcement and is completely inconsistent.

There was a big stink about the NCAA denying a kid trying to transfer to VA Tech from Coastal Carolina whose Mother had a brain tumor removed because the rules state it must be within 100 miles from the person’s location and the school was 105 miles away. There is no rhyme or reason how they doe these … 0816e.html

“Mercy” You are positively absolutely correct on this one PIG :sunglasses:

NCAA looks more at the school in question than the particular violation under review. Laws/regulations are not
equally enforced.

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