Conner Vannover

Has Conner found out anything about the waiver? And if not when are we expecting an answer?

Don’t hold your breath. I will be shocked if he gets the waiver.

I went to high school with Conner’s older brother and recently saw him at a wedding. I asked him about how the appeal process is going and he said don’t hold your breath. They’re trying everything they can to see if he can play, but even his family doesn’t know anything. Conner’s brother said that you never know with the NCAA, but it doesn’t look likely.

I would be surprised if he gets the waiver.

Because he is not a high-profile QB, which seem to get for some reason.

No one can explain the NCAA and their actions and especially their lack of action on many things.

The family is hoping to hear something in August but they understand it can go longer.

Nothing new to report as of Tuesday.

Is it public knowledge what Connor filed as justification for getting a waiver?

His grandmother’s failing health would be one. I’m sure they included the coach getting fired too.

If not, another year and a few more pounds of muscle won’t hurt…

Still no news on this ?

Year of conditioning

I can promise you the minute there is a deision, it will be on here.

We are not in the business of keeping info from your guys. :sunglasses: