Conner Noland?

Is he good enough to come in and start next year?

You never rule it out but it’s very rare for a true freshman to come in and start. Especially in the SEC.

Don’t know the offense he is in now, but willing to bet he hasn’t been under center in long time or ever.
So come right in and start? As you say RD, never rule out anything.

Noland is the #12 pro style QB prospect according to Scout. The #1 prospect isn’t going to start right away either because he’s committed to Clemson, which as you may have noticed has a pretty good young quarterback right now. And even if that kid committed to Clemson were coming here instead I wouldn’t put those kind of expectations on him

I would say that there are very few true freshmen worthy of starting at QB in the SEC.

So many of the great ones the SEC has had did not see playing time until they were redshirt freshmen.

Especially ones who did not arrive early and go through spring practice.

Connor - while very good - isn’t about to enroll early and give up his senior year of baseball, which is probably his meal ticket down the line.