Congratulations to Willy Kouassi

Good to hear!

Willy was not productive on the court and added very little to the basketball program, but it is really heartening to see he mastered (no pun intended) the student part of the student athlete.

Well he did provide a big body to bang against in practice, so I wouldn’t say that he added nothing on the court. He also set a good example for the underclassmen and provided more evidence that MA cares about the student in the athlete. All in all, I’d say he was well worth the price of a one year scholarship.

Yea, well said. Willy wasn’t a bad player IMO, He filled his role of giving Kingsley a breather. People have to remember he came in very late and was expected to adjust from the A-Sun level to SEC level quickly.

great job

Kouassi gave us good minutes in quite a few games. I thought he was a more than adequate backup center.