Congratulations to Tori Hoggard on Winning NC!!

One upped her twin…good for her :sunglasses:

Lexi didn’t score last night. She has been battling a back injury this year; not sure if that affected her last night or not. I’m curious to see whether those lost points hurt Arkansas at the end of the meet. You typically expect anywhere from 14-18 points from Lexi and Tori at a national meet.

It was a bitter sweet night for the family. Hopefully the team race will not be that close for Arkansas to miss those points. It could have been worse if Tori had not won. Janeek Brown must deliver now. We can’t afford for her to hit a hurdle or sonething.

Also hopefully the Trojans will stumble somewhere too.

You called it.

The WHAMMY :sunglasses:

In this case, stumble and fumble. Sounds like Chris Berman…