Congratulations to Bob Holt

His article was supposed to be about 2019 Auburn Football.

He used more than half the article to describe Gus’s fabulous career.

The Arkansas media’s fascination with Gus is sickening.

Come on, Southpaw…you dislike for Gus is showing. Gus is Auburn football right now. He is a heckuva coach, one of the best in NCAA football. Coaching at Auburn is like walking a tightrope…a coach there is only one bad season or one bad game from getting fired. Arkansas blew it when we didn’t hire Gus several years ago. He would have had this program in good shape, at least a lot better than it is today. We can’t seem to get out of our own way when it comes to hiring coaches. We’ve been screwing up these coaching hires for a long time.

As for Bob Holt’s article, I thought it was pretty good. When a writer writes about Alabama football, Nick Saban is going to dominate the article, just as Gus is when you write about Auburn football. It just the way it is.

Gus used us when he got the big contract…so I have stepped off the Gus bus and lost respect for the guy. Still, I wonder sometimes where our program would be had we hired Gus when we fired Houston Nutt or Bobby Petrino. I believe it would have been pretty danged good, but what difference does it make? It didm’t happen and we are where we are…

JIHog, even Terry Bowden went undefeated at Auburn.

What Gus has done at Auburn is not nearly as impressive as Bob Holt makes it sound. When he has a Superman such as Cam Newton at QB, he has great offenses. When he doesn’t, it’s pretty average.

No, I’m not a Gus fan. However, the fact that our media are so scared of offending him or his followers is what so frustrating.

Thank goodness, the Alabama media isn’t so intimidated by Gus.

The so-called media is not tasked with making the former Hughes, Shiloh Christian and Springdale head coach look good or bad.

It’s to cover the coach fairly and bring information to the public.

This isn’t Fox or CNN or MSNBC, who take sides and have agendas.

The biggest story with Auburn right now is its head coach and whether he will be able to make it through the season.

I think you would be very surprised at the number of media folks around here who like Aubun’s head coach. There are not many, in part because of those around him.

His favorable rating is not on the positive side, but that doesn’t matter one iota in our coverage.

Like myself, Bob takes a positive look at the world and that is reflected in our work.

We don’t get up in the morning looking to be negative.

If it is called for, we certainly will take that tack, but will not do so just because it is “cool” to do so these days in so-called new journalism.

Your philosophy is admirable. I certainly don’t want anything like the national political pundits.

Still yet, I don’t believe Gus has ever been held accountable around here.

Team Nutt and Team Malzahn both had plenty of culpability for that mess.

Anyone who says that one side had more than the others just wasn’t in the middle of it.

I thought it was a fair piece from Bob. Certainly didn’t shy a way from talking about Gus being on the hot seat.

The story at Auburn right now is Gus. It’s going to be that way all season. He’s had success at Auburn and had some shaky times, too. If you talk to an Auburn person and ask about the football team, they start with Gus right now and then MIGHT get to the QB issue. If you listen to Paul Finebaum’s show - and it matters little whether Paul is there that day or it’s a guest – if there is talk about Auburn, it is about Gus.

I only read the headlines, but it appears Wally is now taking up for Gus. :lol:

UA has former assistants in the College Football and NFL Hall of Fame. They’ve won National National Championships and Super Bowls.

However, Gus receives more adoration from Wally’s boys than BarrySwitzer, Jimmy Johnson, Joe Gibbs, Pete Carroll, etc combined,

It’s rather funny when you think about it.

Well then which is it Dudley? Are you a Fox or CNN fan? :lol:

All bout one is retired and Carroll isn’t in the SEC.

Wally’s headline: Auburn famous for displeasure with coaches

That’s correct. The boosters have been very active and getting rid of previous coaches. Not a pretty picture for Gus.

People who know me, know the answer to that.

People who don’t will just have to guess as this has not been, is not now and will never be a political forum

I think we have found out an issue if you are only reading the headlines, which are sometimes not even the ones we suggest and which certainly some time do not tell the tale of the story.