Congratulations to Anthony Lucas and Casey Dick

Lucas’s Pulaski Academy team won the 5A State Championship. Dick’s Fayetteville team finished Runner Up to Bryant in 7A.

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I’m a big Anthony Lucas fan. They just don’t come any better.


Anthony and Casey are both good men.

Fayetteville made so many errors last night in the red zone, but kept coming back and even took the lead with four minutes to play against the best program in the state. That’s a resilient bunch; a reflection of their head coach.


Losing by less than a touchdown with 5 turnovers IMO says they were the better team last night but shot themselves in the foot repeatedly. Who is Bryant’s coach? They’re clearly a well-oiled machine at this point.

Bryant hired Buck James six years ago. He has done a great job there and I think he has elevated the performance of the other schools in the 7A-Central. North Little Rock, Cabot and Conway have all become really good in the last five years.

Until last night there had never been a 7A team win four state championships in a row during the playoff era. The only other team with three straight was Pine Bluff from 1993-95.

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AL is in a good spot at PA. Hard to beat a private school that recruits player in and outta state paying them to come as well. Really not fair to public schools they play against to. Yes I’m from white hall and I think they are the champs of public schools.

Oh please. Public schools recruit like crazy. The advantage that PA has is they start playing in the schemes in the 6th grade. I’ve analyzed their roster and they aren’t always cranking out the talent most think. They usually have 1 D1 type player a year. Also, almost all of that team has been playing together or has gone to PA since they were little.

I’d like for you to provide some proof to that allegation, especially the out of state part.

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Oh please, do ur research, private schools recruit and pay kids to come play and it’s legal, yeah public schools may recruit but it’s not legal and if caught there goes there season. A public schools hasn’t won a championship in the last 10 yrs in the class, yeah that’s a eye opener to. And yes they do recruit outta state to.

Like I said, prove it. If a kid transfers in after the 9th grade, they have to sit out a year by AAA rules. That’s not happening. If a kid transfers between public schools, they don’t have to sit out. And it’s not legal or illegal, it’s the rules ALL schools participating with AAA have to follow. Only I bet you didn’t know private schools don’t have representatives, only public schools. I bet you also didn’t know private schools have to play up a class higher than their attendance classifications. If their attendance would make them a 3A school, then they have to play in 4A. PA has won championships in different classifications as well.

I don’t have a kid at PA and I never have. I didn’t like Kevin Kelly but I have a ton of respect for Anthony Lucas. I guarantee you I have more hours looking at their roster than you do. Of the 87 kids on their roster, only 13 weigh above 200 lbs. You are late to this party. It’s just sour grapes.

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Marcum I can assure you your coach’s brother at park view is the number one recruiter of high school talent in the state. He has raided multiple schools, having kids coming into park view as well as his former program north Little Rock.

Take a look at pa, Catholic lrca and you will see there aren’t any recruiting going on OR their coaches really suck at it.

Once a kid tries to transfer after 9th grade public to private they have to sit out a year.

I watched Friday nights game. Bulldogs got beat by a system. Pa is 56-1 if the recover 2 or more inside kicks. Now, should the rb scored the last touchdown? We can debate that.

Backup players want to score in championship games too.

Kt we don’t always agree but on this topic we are lockstep.

Next year pa lrca and Catholic will all be in 6A. Park view conveniently gets to move down to 5a where they will dominate unless shiloahbchristian gets moved to 5a then that will be a helluva battle.

Shiloh gets benefit of being only football playing private school in northwest arkansas.

Yeah they do except it was himon the rb heading to northwestern

I stand corrected. I thought it was the backup RB. Oh well.

I like our banter back and forth. Someone compared the board to a bar where you have different groups. I kind of like to think of it more like the barbershop or the coffee shop. Either way, you’re a Razorback through and through and if we all had the same opinion it would be boring.

Yep the 5A should be interesting next year as should the 6A.



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Pa recruited trainees and players from white Hall and promise tuition pay. One plays for the hogs now. I’m not down grading pa by no means as a team. They are a heck of a team. You can do all ur research you want and think what you want, as well as I can. I simply think it’s not fair playing private schools. And I do believe they are moving up a class nxt yr to. And back when I play you simply circled these private schools as a win. It has changed btr for the rich.


What grade were they in when they were “recruited?”


There are several private schools still taking it on the chin every Friday night from public schools. You’ve got 3 predominant private schools who are very successful and that is Shiloh, PA, and LRC.

There aren’t any kids on the current Razorback roster who graduated from White Hall. There is one from Pine Bluff. But if it is who you are referring to, it looks like he was recruited to play at Pine Bluff, not PA.