Congratulations to Allen and Williams ...

… for being the statistical leaders and having an overall good game in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. Austin Allen threw for 75 yards and David Williams rushed for 28 yards in the Natioinals’ 23-0 win. Allen had to feel at home, being sacked four times in the first half, but he had some nice throws. Overall, both represented Arkansas well.

I am so happy that AA and DW were able to show up well. AA had a tough last year and hope that he gets into the pros like Brandon.

The game was tough on the quarterbacks for the National team. The other team, coached by longtime Redskins defensive back Darrell Green, was running defenses that were not approved beforehand, creating confusion among the offensive line that had not practiced for that. Austin was sacked four times for losses totaling 34 yards.

I thought Austin and David played well for an all-star game.