CONGRATS to UA Track Ladies....

…12 straight…AWESOME!

Men finished second. Slackers (sarcasm alert).

All the money Nike pours into Oregon ensures that John McDonnell couldn’t have done now what he did then. But Chris Bucknam and Lance Harter have certainly maintained (and in Harter’s case, built on) the UA track tradition.

Once again, they did it with depth and just wining 2 events. This is good, But I would also love to see Arkansas sign some world class sprinters like LSU, Kentucky and A&M. The sprints are glory events that receive most coverage. Arkansas did have a short period of that with Gay, Spearmon and Veronica Campbell, when Lance Brahman was the Sprint coach here.

Kenzo Cotton won the 60, First time we’ve won the 60 at the SEC meet ever.

Lance Brauman also landed in prison and got two of our national titles voided. You’ll excuse me if I’d rather not repeat that.

We win titles with distance events and jumpers, largely. That strategy has the added benefit of setting us up for cross country. Florida finished 10th at the SEC XC, A&M was 8th, LSU was 11th. Florida will never win an SEC triple crown, much less an NCAA triple crown. We will, and have.

Can someone give in update on the kid with artificial limbs? How is he doing?


Can someone give in update on the kid with artificial limbs? How is he doing?

[/quote]I watched him at an indoor meet in Fayetteville. He does not do well during indoor season since he cannot feel his feet on the banked turns, tending to slip. His forte is outdoor racing. He will be fun to watch during the upcoming outdoor season.