Congrats to the WTF team NC #46

I know this is the football board, but there isn’t a board for the track teams. The ladies won an indoor NC. Makes AR the proud owners of 44 NC. Great Job ladies

Edit: Scottie’s story up top says 46. The women were holding signs that said 44.

Excellent news! Beat the Ocean Scum and win another natty. Not a bad night. Now if the women can beat the Fighting Blairs.

Lance Harter needs a statue too. Just sayin’.

We actually have won 46 natties, NCAA took away two for the Lance Brauman mess.

I wrote the story. I wrote that Arkansas claims 46 national championships in all sports, 44 in track.

Sorry Matt and Scottie.

Compared to the gnashing and hand wringing (including by me) recently directed at other Hog sports and losses, I was glad to see “WTF” used in this context. Great job women’s track!

When I saw the thread title I didn’t think the “WTF” stood for “Women’s Track Team”…

That’s a whole lot of freakin’ National Championships :shock: