Congrats to the SEC West champion Razorbacks!

Tough series in College Station, but still good to win the West! Even if it’s with the tiebreaker…

Tiebreaker or not, we still would have gotten a trophy for finishing in the tie, just as we got one last year when Ole Miss had the tiebreaker. Glad the Chicken bullpen held on – barely.

It’s a big boost for us. Not just the improvement in the SEC standings, but one of the 5 teams ahead of us in the RPI took a home loss to a relatively weak team. I think we might pass MSU now. UGA is still likely to stay ahead of us.

No NEA, they are still solidly ahead of us… But thats really of no concern… We will win one or two games in Hoover and end up at top eight seed and I really don’t care that much whether we’re number three or number seven… So long as were playing at home we got a good chance of anyone…

Congrats to the Hogs!!
What a way to end the reg season. Considering that we lost the series to A&M, it couldn’t have ended any better!!
We swept MSU, nuff said!

20-10 conference record and 40-15 over all outstanding regular season numbers

Actually Wiz, that would be congratulations to the SEC West Co-Champions…We ended up tied with Mississippi State.

We don’t want those guys from Starkville claiming they are the SEC West Champs, so to be accurate we are co-champs with them no matter how much we may not like it…and that is quite a bit of not liking them.

Dave Van Horn and his Razorbacks have established themselves as one of the best baseball programs in America. That is no easy feat they accomplished after losing so many guys from last year and being a foul ball catch away from a National Championship. That shows a lot of character.

Quite aware of that, but we won the tie-breaker by virtue of sweeping the Leg-Humpers, and we are seeded #2 overall in the SEC Tournament - not them. Let THEM claim the co-championship, and I won’t complain. But I claim SEC West Champions, and I’ll bet that’s what goes up on the outfield wall in Baum-Walker.

This team has been such a great surprise! if you had told me we were going to go 20 -10 in the SEC I would have no way!!but we have played very well for the most part that’s why it’s upsetting we don’t do the things we have been doing all year.I just hope we can regain our form because it’s always been about when you can peak. We were playing awesome baseball those two weekends against Mississippi State and Tennessee hopefully we can do that in the regionals and super regionals.

Before the season started, I would have set the over/under at 16 SEC wins and I probably would have bet on the over, just based on the consistency of the program DVH has built. But I would surely not have predicted 20 SEC wins.

I am proud of this team, and excited for what is to come with the recruiting news about upcoming classes and what we know we have coming back next season. But we have some unfinished business to take care of this year first.