Congrats to the Chiefs, Andy Reid and all you fans

Out there. They kicked our ass in the 4th quarter, Mahomes is a superstar QB, and when the game was on the line he shined. Tough outcome for this 49er fan, make no mistake my hats off to all Chief fans. Now I was talking lots of crap expecting an upset today so I’m going out to my smoker and filling it up with crow to eat my dinner

Congrats to all Chief fans on here


I know my man Tommy Brasher is happy in Redmond, Wash., where he watched from his living room. His buddy Andy Reid got it done.

I do like Andy and am happy for him, he learned from the best Bill Walsh and happy after being so close and 20 years he got what he deserved


I am so happy for Chiefs nation. It’s been 50 very looong years. So many times the Chiefs appeared to be on the cusp of greatness only to lose. So very fitting for the Chiefs to win 50 years after beating the Vikings and for the Chiefs players, coaches, staff and fans!

SacHawg, The Chiefs did not have the best team on the field today. In every facet of the game but the scoreboard, the 49’ers looked better and played better. The chiefs just got the right breaks at the right moments.

Well for 54 minutes the 49ers were the better team but as we all know the game is 60 minutes long. I’ve always said, and even said on here there’s 1 champ and 31 losers. No consultation just being in that game, probably would rather lose prior to the SB if your not gonna win it cause losing it sucks haha.
Once again,congrats to the Chiefs they were the better team

It’s a combination of wrestling and soap

As an Eagles fan, was glad to see Andy finally get the ring.

Lol Votan.

Great teams find a way to work through adversity. Kansas City found a way to beat the 49ers. KC is the best team. You can tell cause they had more points at the end of the game.

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At a Super Bowl party with a number of guys that really understand football (two ex-coaches there) and as the clock moved to zero one of them said: “What was the turning point in the game?” A couple of seconds go by as the group pondered the question and a woman’s voice in the corner answered: “When we drafted Mahomes”. Damn, the Hogs need a great QB to turn this thing around.

Dre Greenlaw is the only reason I would pull for a 49er win. I’m glad it was a good game even though it was a little slow. Mahomes didn’t have a good game he was a little off with his throws and got knocked atriums a little but in crunch time he made the plays and the chiefs “D” showed up at closing time!

I’m thankful the Cheating Patriots weren’t there!

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The difference was the quarterback. Mahomes is a great player and a playmaker who is mobile. Jimmy Garrapolo is a solid quarterback, but he is not mobile

That 49er defense is superb, but Mahomes just took matters into his hands and drove the Chiefs to victory. I thought the 49ers would win, but Mahomes was just too good. There are not many quarterbacks who could have done what he did against that defense.

Mahomes had a bad game because of that 49ers defense. They are stellar. I think they started getting tired. The lsst 8 minutes or so, the 49er rush didnt get to Mahomes. More time for Mahomes is a bad thing for a defense

Gentry, I agree. That Niner defense stoned Mahones until the middle of the 4 quarter. They got a little tired, and he just got rolling.

20-10 San Francisco…in the 4th. They had control of the game, and then boom, it all changed. That Chief offense is just so explosive.

Here’s how I saw it, still 20 to 10 49er ball no 1st downs had to punt chiefs score 20 to 17 next drive had to get some 1st downs 49ers punt again in those 2 drives a couple of 1 st down chiefs don’t even get the go ahead drive and I will say last 3 drives chiefs d stepped up

His “bad game” was 286 yards and 2 TDs. The picks were bad and he had to throw a couple away because his receivers weren’t open. But he made the key throws in the last 9 minutes and Jimmy G missed that deep pass that probably puts it away for SF.

Mahomes has skewed my idea of what a “bad” game is

At least the game wasn’t the boring thing like we saw last year. That was all I hoped for.
Dre was the only reason I leaned toward either team which was the 49’ers.

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