Congrats to Texass on setting the CWS record tonight

For most times striking out in a game, with 21.

Can’t think of a better team to have that record


Let me get this straight, only six guys didn’t strike out!!!1

Then they got mouthy at the end—-they needed to lose


If memory serves, we struck out 15 Fallopians when we beat them in Arlington.

They sure were mouthy. And headed to first several times when the ump called a strike on 3 balls. And the way they lost was great. Hit a HR in bottom of 9th to make it 2-1 had men on 1st and 3rd and hit a weak grounder to 2nd for the loss. Loved it.


Then again, they ALWAYS need to lose.

A Texass-Tennessee matchup is another one that just cries out for a selective meteor strike. Wipe out both varieties of evil orange.


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