Congrats to Our latest SEC Champs!

Just want to say congrats to the young ladies that represented us so well on the track all year. They are SEC Champions all the way around. That is saying a lot.

Good luck and best wishes in the NCAAs and to the SRs. who move on to the next phase of their lives. I know they will find that UofA degree a tremendous asset.


WPS! Coach Lance Harter is becoming his own legend. Another SEC Triple Crown. In today’s world of a conference flush with cash and instant communications, what he is achieving is incredible. Just total dominance at the SEC Outdoor Meet. Couldn’t happen to a nicer gentlemen and humble but inspiring leader.


Let’s not forget that the Hogs will be favored to win the NCAA title in four weeks at Austin.

Put up the man’s statue already. Or does that have to wait until he retires? Harter’s only making $250,000 according to a story Matt wrote last September. Talk about a bargain… (Bucknam is paid the same amount, BTW.)

It’s an absurd bargain btw. Programs that have Relentlessly strived to be at and stay at the top of their sport. I know track and field doesn’t make the university an over abundance of cash like the big 3 sports do. But winning is winning and it takes excellent coaching to consistently win. Compensate m a little more, geeze.

One factor in our track success in both genders: NCAA rules permit athletes to transfer once in sports other than football, basketball, baseball and hockey and be immediately eligible, and we’ve taken advantage. Payton Chadwick started out at OU, transferred back home (she’s from Springdale) and is a huge contributor in her senior season. If she’d had to sit out a year, maybe she stays a Paperclip. The men’s program has also benefitted from transfers. An athlete sees he/she can cut it at the D-1 level and looks for a program where they can win championships. There’s one in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for sure.

Harter is paid handsomely for the sport he coaches. The $250,000 figure includes the $25,000 speaking fee he receives from the Razorback Foundation; his UA pay is $225,000 per year and that will almost assuredly increase by $25,000 at the end of this year, plus he’ll get a one-year contract extension, based on terms of his contract. That does not include what he receives from hosting summer camps or the value of his car stipends and club memberships.

Then you have the bonuses. By my count, his bonuses to date add up to six months of his annual salary ($112,500), plus additional bonuses for three SEC coach of the year awards ($7,500) and undetermined bonuses for the finish at the NCAA outdoor meet and graduation rates. When it’s all said and done, it’s possible that he will have received in excess of $180,000 in bonuses this year.

I like the idea of paying big bonus money for achievement. That is fine with the coaches who do well. They know they get what they deserve based on performance.

That sounds like a good and very fair contract. In fact, it’s great to see that great performance equals great pay. To be able to make yourself 50% more pay than your already fair contract is the way most coaches pay should be structured. It’s a huge bonus, but he deserves (will deserve, if he wins another Nat’l title) it for doing a fabulous job. Isn’t this 5 of the last 6 years that the ladies have won the Outdoor SEC championship? This will also be twice in the last 4 years if they win this the Nat’l title this year. Lance certainly deserves those big bonuses.

Let’s not forget Lance has already won one NC this year (indoor in March) and is favored to win another one next month. Can he double up on the NC bonus, Matt?

The contract is a little murky there, but I think he can.

Well that puts a little different light on it.
400k+ or 1/2 mil sounds better than 225-250k or 1/4 mil. a year for a track coach.
Wonder how that compares with the other top college track coaches?

Championships are so sweet