Congrats to Matt & Scottie & Bob-- BUT

What about others, like Clay? Not Clay he has 50 of these awards probably.

What about Richard? IMO he need’s an award! Don’t you think?

What do you think? Somebody with the gift to write something good about Richard and others to say–Thanks from HI…


Don’t fret. I can’t win. I’m not a member of the organization. It’s expensive. You are not on the ballot if you don’t join. I made the decision years ago not to pay to vote, etc. so I have saved literally thousands of dollars over a 50-year career. That money was important with two in diapers.

I am a member of the Football Writers of America. Don’t have to pay anymore because I’m considered retired.

My father won the sports writer award many times then decided not to be considered any more and ceased to pay.

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Interesting that I’m on the ballot then, I guess. Maybe someone made a mistake. I didn’t pay for anything. Andrew Hutchinson, who won this award recently, wasn’t a member when he won it.


I am mistaken. It was once a requirement to be on the ballot you had to be a member – unless my memory was bad. I am not a member. Only members can vote. I checked with Matt on that. He’s not a member either. You must pay $75 to be a member. Bob has won it several times and he’s not a member, either.

Here is how the process works:

• NSMA members nominate writers and broadcasters from their state.

• Once nominations have been submitted, the individuals who receive the most nominations are put on a ballot and presented as finalists. NSMA members vote for one sportscaster and one sportswriter from their state, plus one national sportscaster and sportswriter of the year. You cannot nominate or vote for yourself.


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