Congrats to LSU Ladies

What a shooting clinic! Love her or hate her, Kim Mulkey is a heck of a hoops coach. She’s tough and her teams play tough.

LSU wouldn’t make a positive comment about our hugs in any sport! Them winning don’t make me want to jump for joy. It’s about like getting the trots
Or food poisoning to me. I can’t stand Mulkey and I hate to hear her speak. She is foul mouth and hateful.



Not a popular opinion, Doc. Mulkey is trailer trash as far as I’m concerned. Never even tempted to watch last night’s game because I was afraid Iowa would come down to earth after beating the Poultry. Did not think the Corndogs would hang a hundy on them though. As little defense as Mike’s teams play, they never got 80 on us, much less 100.


I’ve never like LSU or Mulkey or never will.


Yeah, that was a great women’s game to watch. LSU is just a better team and coached well and they put on a show. A perfect storm game for them.

I was really looking forward to SC-LSU all-SEC final. Iowa spoiled it and am glad LSU kept the title with SEC.

Besides Angel Reese, that LSU PG Morris was impressive. Her midrange game was Devo like.

This LSU win is a big win for the portal. I thought I heard Mulkey say she got 9 new players from the portal.

Speaking of trailer trash, a whole lot of potty mouth on the LSU side…

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Everyone on here bashes a coach they don’t know bc she’s at our rivals school, but our own men’s coach has a pretty salty vocabulary as well on the sideline, as did Nolan. I respect her for the hall of fame job she’s done at LSU in her 2nd year, for goodness sakes. If she were on the hill hanging a Natty, these same bashers would be singing her praises.

I also know some more personal stuff through family connections that explains a lot of the toughness you see from Kim. But whatever, to each his own. She’s a GREAT coach and one that we will give our ladies hoops team fits for the foreseeable future.

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I was making my comments about her players rather than the coach. She could be Mother Teresa as far as I know or care to know even if she coached at Arkansas. This board had a lot of blow-back about Muss’ team mouthing off on the court. That got cooled when the technicals started piling up. I’m sure it will at LSU if the same thing happens.

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I didn’t watch the game yesterday, didn’t hear any of the language. I’ve thought she was trailer trash for a long time, going back to the Baylor days. The fact that she advised Brittney Griner to stay in the closet because it would hurt her recruiting only reinforced that idea. Just a redneck from Tickfaw.

pj “we” are definitely in the minority.
Not all the time but I’m just a SEC guy…

If Griner had come out while at Baylor, she may have been kicked out by the school. Griner was controversial for more than just that. Mulkey may have used good judgment under the circumstances.

She is a great coach and was a great point guard at Tech. my feeling is that the Athletic programs at LSU are trash and classless.

She dresses like a woman of the night and draws all the attention to her! I can’t stand the sight of her and have no respect for her! You don’t see another female coach in BWA dressed like her.

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