Congrats to Knile, graduated this spring

from the University of Arkansas. … -arkansas/

Love seeing these guys come back and do this. Of course, Knile was a great Razorback, but this makes it even more so. Kind like finishing what you started. Does this add to that APR we keep hearing so much about?

Kinda think there is a window that one has to meet finishing up (graduate) but I’m not sure.

Matt will probably know. If he reads this, he will let us know.

I don’t think it would help APR or GSR.

APR is a reflection of one-year eligibility and retention, and then a multi-year accumulation of four of those scores. If Knile was in good academic standing when he left, he wouldn’t have hurt APR because the retention point is waived if the player goes pro. That’s why Kentucky basketball is never hurt by APR - its players stay eligible until the end of the semester and then get a pro point.

The GSR, as I understand it, is the rate of students who graduate during a six-year period. Knile came to Arkansas in 2009, so that six-year window closed in the spring of 2015. The reporting period for that '09 class was last year. The APR and GSR always are a year behind because it takes a while to gather the data.

Knile’s a great guy. Happy for him. Got to know him a little bit when we were in school at the same time.