Congrats to Gators

Looks like they forgot the mercy rule game and really toughed it out to get to Omaha. Let’s go SEC in the CWS!

I saw the walk-off homerun by Wake Forrest in the second game. I thought the hitter was just a bit too demonstrative about it. In fact, I thought he acted like a jerk. Appeared to be taunting the UF bench. At the time I thought that was the final game & Wake was headed to Omaha. Didn’t realize it was the end of a suspended game 2. Glad Florida came back to win it.

I’m proud the SEC has 3 teams headed to Omaha and our hogs have beaten all 3 teams. Florida is the weakest of the 8 teams in my opinion. LSU and Texas A&M have pitching and offensively can score. Florida is out in 2 games. Notice the suspended game in that region was suspended and not played until after midnight. It’s a shame the hogs failed to make it! I hope the SEC can win it but I won’t loose any sleep over it. It US Open week in Golf!