Congrats to Daryl Macon

Must clutch Razorback of all time. He carried us last week. Well deserved honor.

Congratulations! very proud of him.

Amazing what has become of this skinny kid I used to watch at Penick Boys Club. Proud of him.

We woulda been 0-2 last week without him. Macon or Barford carries this team every game it seems.

Bill Walton said Daryl looked like one of his old NBA buddies, Rod Strickland. I guess he does.

Well deserved. I hope he continues to play well. I’d like to see him take more shots from 3.
This is a huge week for the hogs.
They need to beat Texas A&M and LSU.

Just think what he’d do if he were a starter.:smirk:

He’s playing over 30 minutes a game, so the starter thing really does not make much difference. We had several lousy beginnings to games when he was starting. And don’t forget he hit a rough patch a few weeks ago when the ball just was not going through the hoop, so coming off the bench seems to agree with him at the moment.

MA has a long history of starting guys based on what he sees in practice and then sitting them early in games never to return when they don’t produce as a starter. Look what happened to Bailey in the last game.

He is a joy to watch. His smile and connection with
the fans make a heart happy.