Congrats to CSP for an outstanding class

If we can keep Easter and get a couple of 4* DT from the portal it will be the best ever


Keep up the great work Pitt & crew. WPS


Great class and it is likely to get even better.


The only problem this staff has with recruiting is what the rest of the SEC is doing. If you include the Okie and Texass’ classes we finished 12th in SEC recruiting. And yes, I know all the stock answers on why it happens to Arkansas, but it still is a reality check that is hard on any coaching staff to cash.

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Pretty sad, isn’t it? Sign of the top classes ever and we are still 12th in the SEC. Ouch. But hey, Sam is making progress year over year. So that’s a positive!

I’m wondering just how much these class rankings mean in the era of unlimited free agency? No one’s class is going to stay together for very long.


We don’t need another WR’S?

A “good” class in my opinion.

Perhaps great with regard to all the changes and consternation of the last few weeks.

I don’t worry so much about where we rank as much as I care about the size of the gap between our quality & the quality of those above us. Narrow gaps are good. All of it is pretty subjective, but assuming the evaluations are accurate a narrow gap means a whole lot more than talent can be the difference between winning and losing.

I’m not sure, for example, there’s any appreciable difference between #1 & #5. Might not be much appreciable difference between #10 & #21. And even with some differences between #1 & #25, it’s not impossible for #25 to beat #1. There have been some pretty good teams that were ranked 30-50 in recruiting.

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I count us as 9th according to 247 sports.

Will be like that until we win on a consistent basis

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I get what you’re saying, and you can win some SEC ball games but you will never win a SEC Championship much less a NC. I will give you the top class (Bama) and a mid-range class (LSU). Bama signed six Five Stars and eighteen Four Stars… let that sink in unfortunately. LSU, under a first year coach, signed one Five Star and twelve Four Stars. Not blaming Pitt and in fact defending him, but we are in a SEC meat grinder for talent.

I agree with you. What I have said for years, is, “how much difference is there between the class ranked 19th vs. the class ranked 15th?” (And that difference can move you from 12th in the SEC to 9th in a hurry, just as an example). Is there are marked difference between #1 and #15? HECK YES. I am not real sure there is a marked difference between #16 and #30. Could be wrong.

I did include OK and Tex because we will be playing them shortly. I got all those numbers from an article on the front page that stated we are 10th in the SEC but both the Longhorns and Wagon Ruts are ahead of us and not included in the ten.

Texas always has a top rated class, sure didn’t help them last yr when they came to Fayetteville. , Dumbo fisher always get a top class every yr I dont see it helping him either. We win games our recruiting rankings will keep coming up


Hopefully overall recruiting will be exponentially better with TW as DC. BO was a good coach, not so much as a recruiter IMO.

Considering the amount of drama around the program the last 2 weeks, Sam did a great job holding this class together. Speaks well of him, his staff and the players he signed. We want players who want to be Razorbacks. Well done, Coach.


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