Congrats to Coach A

He beat #3 Villanova tonite. I just wish he would have done more of that here.

CMA never had a pg like frosh phenom Posh Alexander while at Arkansas like he had at other stops. His band of unranked recruits from Brooklyn and Bronx are grown men. Looks like a win win as both Hogs and SJ now have successful coaches for their fanbases. He has athletes that can play what we called Hawgball in 1990’s. I saw 40 minutes of hell tonight like it was 1990’s.
Muss teams are also dangerous when they strategically defend, press and trap like comebacks vs Miss St. and Auburn. Hogs must beat Gators and LSU to get quality wins and Bama and or UK or Mizzou wouldn’t hurt.
Btw, Cade botched the OSU last shot leaving 11 seconds for TCU to hit game winner. That will hurt our NET Thursday morning. Why didnt he goof up in clutch v Hogs.

He did, but they got two offensive rebounds.

Great win for Mike! Job well done.

Posh is special with that motor that very few have. And the other freshman guard and Posh’s high school teammate Addae-Wusu is coming on fast and has the same motor. Wusu made key baskets in the win over Marquette in the previous game and their recent other Top 25 win over UConn.

Watch when Posh and Wusu play together in the backcourt. They are a pest and will remind you of Walker-Robertson and Beck-McDaniel combos. And when Big East leading scorer sophomore Julian Champegnie is on the front end of the press, will remind you of Todd Day on the front end of the press.

However, they dug a hole bigger than we did at the start of the conference season and will have to win at 80% clip rest of the way to make the tournament, If they do win at that rate, they certainly have marquee Quad 1 wins to get them there.

That offensive rebound was one of 3 plays that’s stinks out in my mind!
The other one was at the end of the first half we knocked the ball out of bounds with .3 on the clock and Miss State got a tip in for 2 to close out the half. The other play Notae went to the hole and got jabbed in the jaw for a missed layup without a call. The Okie Lite game featured some let them play refs that changed their time when the #1 draft picked took over the last 4 minutes. Also last night in the Okie Lite game @ TCU Cunningham got called for the push off he used going to hole. He had 2 fouls before he worked up a sweat. Play that game on a neutral court with neural refs and that game would have had some different free throw numbers.

Cunningham got his shot blocked on possession before his ill fated tie game shot with 11 seconds. An experienced player with game savvy would shot for win knowing a miss is ot. Tough to lose in that situation except when fate in hands of talented inexperienced Diaper Dandy!
Yeah the end of half play shocked me. I thought we’d be ready for tip at rim. On last Hog shot I was hoping Moody inbounded to Conner with pass back to Moody for dagger. I’m not a coach or consultant so Muss can coach his team as he see fits. Road losses to tough teams must be avenged at home by season end and maybe stop losing skid to Mizzou in every sport.

Posh and his hs buddy Wusu are rugged on ball defenders. Wusu at 6-4 235 looks like a 5* linebacker instead of an unranked recruit playing like a 4* and Posh impacts games like a 5*. Great win but road at Providence coming off beat down from Seton Hall be ready to stop the SJ win streak. Mike’s eye for talent is golden with so many underrated players in back yard. Love my Hogs but also have room to enjoy success of my friend since he was recruiting Penny Hardaway in 1989. When Penny visited officially same weekend as Clint McDaniel and an unofficial soph visitor named Corliss Williamson. I was wrong thinking landing Penny would get Hogs a title but Corliss and Clint did. I love college hoops! Gonzaga is looking for opponent Saturday. Bring them to Bud Sunday for their first loss! Go Hogs!

Gonzaga wants a home game and not an away game. That is why Kelvin Sampson and Houston turned them down. Gonzaga refused to go to Houston.

Well heck, let’s fly up there and play them Sat. Even a loss would probably move us up a spot or 2 in the NET. I want to watch the Hogs play this week-end.

Can you imagine a 7-10 matchup between us and St. John’s?

We have used up our non-conference dates. The A&M game can’t be replaced because it will be played in the open week ahead of the SEC tournament. So it’s going to be an off Saturday for the Hogs.

I will always pull for Mike. Quality person. He is solid gold in my book.


CMA is a Hog forever! He helped put Razorback Basketball on the map! He cleaned up a mess on the hill when he took the HC job. I would be proud for my kids or grandkids to be influenced and mentor by him. There’s not many coaches out there that have as much courage and integrity to match Coach Mike Anderson. I’m a big fan but I’m also a ST Johns fan as long as he is their coach.


Yes he is and good way to put it Clay.

A Hog in NY. You know he is a Razorback at heart. I imagine he and CNR share a minute every now and then.

Nolan and CMA shared a lot of good times and went through some rough times when Nolan lost his daughter!
They are life long friends.

Wusu is similar to Tiller, the Big-12 DPOY that he had at Mizzou. Posh is the perfect PG for CMA. The only guard that he had that put pressure on the ball like that here was Durham, and Alexander is a better scorer, though not quite the ballhandler yet.

This team is showing a familiar pattern. They were shaky on D early but have been very stingy for about the last 5 games. He has a good, young core of guards and wings. Moore is a good center in this system, though he needs to foul less. If CMA could add a post scorer and another shooter, they could be formidable next year, assuming everybody returns.

I believe Mike recruited a shooter in Rafael Pinzon, 6-5 from Long Island. I believe he was a 4 star as a sophomore but was downgraded to 3 star later.

I don’t think he has signed a post scorer yet. They have 6-10 junior Esahia Nyiwe, a Texas Tech transfer sitting out. He transferred because he says he was promised a starter role by Coach Beard but then Tech signed. Graduate transfer Santos-Silva. But I think he is more like Iyiola and not a post scorer.

And they are full on schollies.

Mike will do well at St John’s. There is a lot of hidden talent up there. Plus the kind of Coach kids like to play for. The SEC was tough and one good early recruiting year down here turned disastrous real quick and couldn’t recover from it in time.