Congrats Kamani

Kamani received his degree this week from the UofA. That is something that cannot be taken away from him and has the potential to serve him very well. I am extremely happy for him and also proud of him. Sometimes we forget abut the opportunity that is given to these guys by the Uof A. In time, he will probably come to appreciate this accomplishment as much or more than anything else, and potentially could be worth more to him.

Way to go Kamani!!!


Would love to see him continue on Muss’ staff next year in some capacity … teaching the Razorback “culture” to the new guys will be an important role as rosters change significantly each year



And the million dollar smile.

Congratulations to Kamani. Great job.

I wasn’t that happy when he transferred from UALR because I thought he could have been the star at UALR, but not get significant time as a Razorback. For full disclosure, I have season tickets for both Hogs and Trojans and support both programs. Although my assessment on PT was right, I am thrilled to see him contribute significantly to several wins for Hogs. Plus his attitude has been A+ whether he got to play or not. He has been a good addition to the Hogs.

And now he has a degree. He has a bright future beyond basketball.

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Congratulations Kamani! You’re a good man PJ!

He has that and he brings great energy on and off the court.

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100% agree

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Congratulations Kamani!

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Hope Muss keeps him on as a GA after the season. His vibe is infectious.

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