Congrats Isaiah Joe

Two years ago prior to the Razorbacks football game at War Memorial, Arkansas Hawks President Bill Ingram held a scrimmage in a facility next to War Memorial to highlight the Hawk 5 or Arkansas 5 that had committed to the Hogs. That was my first extended look at this skinny kid Isaiah Joe. They referred to him as Zai.

I was wowed by the stroke he had on his jumper. My mind immediately jumped to Rotnei Clark, who until then I thought was the purest shooter I had seen in a Razorback uni. But I never imagined that Zai would break the Arkansas three point record as a freshman. Remember Scotty Thurman had set the previous record as a junior.

Add to that, he has done it without an ability to take his defender off the dribble as most SGs can do and with focus of the defense primarily on him. That made me think that his teammates have done a good job of giving him some open looks because I cannot remember more than a few in your face threes from him. Jalen Harris and others also need to be given kudos for this outstanding effort.

Isaiah’s handle has improved quite a bit as the season has progressed. If he can continue that progression and develop the ability to get to the hoop like the Barford-Macon-Hannahs trio during the off-season, he will be tough to handle.

He is a heckuva shooter and a solid player, otherwise. I hope he can gain 20-25 pounds of weight and get stronger. I believe he can score off the dribble. It may be next year, but he could be really outstanding scorer, not just a 3 point specialist. If he develops off the dribble scoring…the sky is the limit for him. I do think he needs to do some work to get bigger and stronger. That would help him in all areas of his game, not just offense.

Agree with you on physical maturity. I should have mentioned that.

And let’s not forget he leads in charges taken and is a pretty decent sneak thief on defense. Maybe a year away from a real lock down guy.