Confused by Wally's column today. Help!?

Wally, referring to big, new football lockers, keeps referring to “The University of Texas” or even just “Texas”… But I have absolutely no idea what school he is referring to… UT Arlington, UT San Antonio, UT Austin…? Could someone clear this up for me and please ask Wally to offer the same courtesy to out of state schools that he does in-state by attaching a location after their name - surely he doesn’t expect us to know what he’s talking about when he only uses “University of Texas”. (It’s as if he’s saying Texas has a flagship University that readers would recognize???)

Not to pile on, but in the same column he also references “Alabama”, “Oklahoma”, as if they also had some sort of flagship university that readers would know. So confusing!!!

Are you referring to Walter Hall at the the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock?

In the name of geographic accuracy, I believe the official name of Mr. Hall’s employer is Arkansas Democrat-Gazette-Conway.

Actually that would be Wallace Hall at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock

This practice is so stupid. Most people reading the Demozette are Arkansans…They know where the University of Arkansas is located. If anyone needed to know(and they don’t) where the University of Texas is it would be someone not in Texas(like Arkansas). The readers of the paper would be better suited by the paper telling us where out of state schools are located, like the University of Texas, Austin.

Instead the paper has it backwards. They are assuming us Arkansans don’t know where the University of Arkansas is, but we do know where the University of Texas is. This guideline or practice of the DemocratGazette is just so idiotic I have decided to quit subscribing to the paper. I am 69 and have been reading the sports page since about the age of 10. What is going on with this crazy world of ours?

Sounds like another successful column of poking the Hog’s fan base in the eye.