Confused by some Posts regarding Shooting Percentage?

In this System with a transformation of Bailey. Defensively we give up far fewer easy buckets without Gafford. I think that’s fair. You can say they’re the same players but Whitt gives us another point dimension defensively. Be honest… Does Bailey not look completely different? Arguably the glue to the team at this point. Maybe he’d be Just as good but did you really see that happening?

I want to see “January Bailey” I know “NOV-DEC Bailey”. I remember watching him play in Nov last year and thought he had improved but when January hit I was sure that he had regressed. But I will admit he does look improved (in a different way) in all a areas. I hope “January Bailey” looks even better than now, comes January.

I don’t follow this attribution of team transformation to Bailey or sans Gafford. Rather, I think it means everyone on the team is playing tougher D than last year, including Bailey.

One thing to note is that Bailey is playing the 5 instead of 4 this year. This is the position he played in high school and is comfortable with. He doesn’t have to handle the ball as much and Doesn’t have to be out on the wing as much, open and having to decide whether to shoot or not.

Although he is shooting threes at a higher clip than last year so far.