that defensive line coach Jermial Ashley is in the building.

Football Scoop broke the story.

He has a good track record 6 years at Tulsa & 3 years Oklahoma State. He’s from Texas High schools as a player. He has been in Oklahoma, should know his way around the recruitting area as well . Still a young coach, Yes Sir!

so what is the scoop with Leblanc? he was pretty highly touted at UK and seemed a good fit. Any details that can be made available to the public?


I’m guessing not the fit they wanted, he was asked to move on, from what I’ve read. Most thought Odom would want Haley, either he didn’t, or didn’t have a say in it.

This could be a big oversimplification, but I’ve wondered if the three changes are just a matter of recruiting prowess. I think Sam wants, and knows he must have, high-end recruiters at Arkansas. These guys seemed to be good coaches otherwise. And the best recruiters are still here, outside of Stepp who left on his own.

With out a doubt it is about recruiting. A Hugh up grade at ever position except Justin Steep, and a coin flip between Steep and Guiton, in mho.

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I think that is exactly right. Also about setting expectations for all associated with program on what it takes to get better and reach the goals.

Recruiting might of been a part of it but it was definitely not the sole reason.

I can’t remember if it was here or somewhere else that I read something (from a reporter, I believe) that said if one of Pittman’s assistants looks into other employment options, they better get it, because Pittman will start looking for their replacement.

I don’t know if that’s the case here or with any of the other positions, but I found it interesting.

No info at all but except for Marshall I was disappointed with the DL play last year.

A couple of the young guys flashed at times, but I kind of agree that the DL group as a whole did not make a lot of strides in the second half of the year.

I thought going into the season that the DL could be pretty good, if they stayed healthy. Really thought Kelly might excel more than what he did. I understand that one cannot always measure the DL on stats, because one of their roles is to keep blockers off the linebackers, so if one measured by how many tackles the linebackers made, especially around the line of scrimmage, the measure of performance could be very different. The pass rush was less than dominant, so hopefully we see that improve along with a more attacking style from the defensive front.

Our linebackers made a lot of tackles, so by that measure they did well. Sacks and hurries… not so much. Our DL was credited with 9.5 sacks and 12 hurries in 10 games.

Scheme was set up to funnel tackles to the LB…or the LB wound up covering for the DL. Hard to say, since both coaches are moving on. DL recruiting outpaced LB recruiting, but it was not at the level the DB recruiting was at.

Lots of games where the QB got a stool, sat on it surveying the defense, and then picked the easiest target. Marshall consistently moved the pocket but often did not have any help. It wasn’t as obvious with a 4-man front - where we did some good things that were clearly better than Morris Era - but we had nothing with a 3-man front.

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****Not trying to act like I know anything and certainly don’t have the knowledge to second guess Odom, but seems to me the three man front requires a pretty unique roster. Seems you need big defensive ends who can run pretty well and two stout outside linebackers who can both rush the passer and run with the running back in coverage. I think we are getting there on the front, but not sure about the linebackers yet.

I agree completely. There is a risk involved: go with a “gimmicky” 3-2-6 and never develop the talent or like the Leach offense, struggle to attract the players needed to transition to a better scheme. Or, go with your furure scheme and struggle for a year or two while you wait for the players to arrive on campus and grow into the SEC.

I have wondered if Briles was brought in to provide immediate hope on offense while the trenches get developed. Then, we transition to a less speed-oriented offense once the OL play is where it needs to be.

I don’t hear that in Pittman’s pressers but I do wonder. I would hope his time at UGa (and more importantly, trying to beat Bama) informs him of the value of recruiting to “cutting edge.”

I look at the SEC West and P5 schools playing at high level for National championship. Offense rules, you have to score 40 Plus points per game to win now.

Defense has to try to make the offense make a mistake before they can complete a drive or really try to get field goals and not td’s and get off field on third downs. Turnovers mean more than yards given up. It is doubtful , our defense will match the level of Bama or LSU levels year in and out. We have to be strong enough on defense to not put all pressure on the offense and play alot of players there.

You need QB’s that can make fast decisions and adapt with run when things break down. I think that is why Briles was hired . His job is to find them and develop them. Tight ends are the equalizer now more than running backs were years ago.

With a great SEC DL, those numbers should represent your best DE, not your entire DL. We’ve got a ways to go.

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