Confirmed that

Luke Jones has been placed on scholarship.


I had Arkansas sitting at 80 scholarships before Luke earned his. Did you hear if anyone else was placed on scholarship?

I’m wondering if Luke got the scholie that JMcGhee passed up by giving up football.

Luke jones would have been awarded a scholarship regardless what McGhee did. Arkansas has four more scholarships to award to walk-ons.

Best guess, J Crawford, Sam Loy, Elias Hale and Austin Nix will be place on scholarship
before school begins.

For those that didn’t know, the mother of Luke Jones is a former member of the highly successful Christian Group, Point of Grace.


I agree the punter will probably get a scholarship, but I’m not sure that will be Loy based on his work last year. If I remember correctly Caraten, the transfer from Michigan, is immediately eligible.

Luke Jones was highly rated coming out of HS & was disappointed he chose ND over AR. Not sure what happened at ND but happy to have him back at AR. He could be a great one if he has the desire & CSP can develop him.

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I did not know. I also do not care.

Thanks for your input.

I also did not know but do care. Love Point of Grace and saw them in Fort Smith several years ago.

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We all need more grace - especially right now.

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