Confirmed: Hogs 5 seed in women's SECT

Get the Auburn-Vandy winner on Thursday. Winner would play the Aggies on Friday. Kentucky is the 3 seed as expected.

Should be noted that Arkansas tied for third but just lost the tiebreakers to get the 5 seed.

well we were picked 5th in the preseason if my memory is correct…better than the 10th seed like last year.believe that unless there are major injuries we are gonna be top 5 in conference for the next several years as long as we have neighbors and his recruiting continues on the high level

Next season I hope they are able to move up just a little and grab one of those top 4 seeds!

Dungee, Ramirez, and Eaton at the guards. Best backcourt in the country! GHG!

will also have mason(injured this year)mcdaniels and gaulden available too…

Let’s not forget Daniels who is our #4 scorer this year as a freshman and has started every game.

Interesting exercise trying to figure out a 2020-21 lineup for Neighbors, assuming everyone is healthy.

C – McGhee/Oberg
PF – Williams/Thomas
SF/swing – Dungee/Doumbia
SG – Ramirez/Eaton/Mason

You’d think Eaton, Daniels, Ramirez and Dungee would all start, but then that’s a four guard lineup. Gaulden doesn’t start but leads us in assists. Maybe he eases Eaton in a bit. What do you do with Mason after a year off?

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