Confirmed early football enrollees

OL Chibueze Nwanna

OL Myron Cunningham

DE Eric Gregory

WR Shamar Nash

DE Mataio Soli

DE Zach Williams

WR Trey Knox

CB Greg Brooks

CB Devin Bush

OL Drew Vest (preferred walk on)

I know you’ve said in order to reach 29 we have to count back. Would these five count back, if they enroll early?

Here is an excerpt from midyear enrollment rule.

A counter who graduates at midyear or who graduates during the previous academic year (including summer) may be replaced by an initial counter, who shall be counted against the initial limit either for the year in which the aid is awarded (if the institution’s annual limit has not been reached) or for the following academic year

If we’re signing 29, which seems to be the target, then four would have to count back. If 28, three. Etc, etc. But you’d have to have four spots open in the 85 in January to do that. Thus the midterm grads. Also obviously you’d have to have 25 open scholarships in August, but those things tend to work themselves out.


FWIW, Zach Zimos and Collin Clay are NOT early enrollees. I know some might think they are but they confirmed to be they’re not.

Treylone Burks is number two in his class. Is he planning to enroll early?

Not that I’m aware of or Bo Hembree is aware of.

If anyone is interested, here is why only four can be counted back to 2018. Most of us know the NCAA allow each institution to sign 25 Initial Counters per year.

17 signed by CCM in 2018 recruiting class.
Hayden Henry, Ty Clary and juco Gary Cross were awarded scholarships in January 2018, all had less than two years on campus. All by NCAA rule became Initial Counters, counting against both the 25 per year and the 85 total scholarship limit.
Chase Harrel, a grad transfer signed during Summer 2018, by (SEC rule only) became an Initial Counter for the 2018 recruiting class.

This adds up to 21 Initial Counters for the 2018 recruiting class. Which leaves four to be carried forward to 2019.

So no one from those 17 counted back to the previous class?

Arkansas had a rule (self imposed) during CBB time as Head Coach preventing counting anyone back to previous year.

what is the status Of KJ reporting early,have heard we were trying to work it out.


In 2017 Arkansas signed 24 Initial Counters by NCAA rule.
One Initial Counter by SEC rule, David Williams grad transfer.

Hayden Henry, Ty Clary and juco Gary Cross were given a scholarship in Jan. 2018 and became Initial Counters for the 2018 recruiting class.

You tell me how anyone can be counted by to 2017?

It’s great to see Trey and Shamar on the list. They should be able to help out a lot next year.

Nothing new from what I put in my story when I went to see him play.

Possible, but not probable.

I didn’t read all of the previous page, so I may have missed something but I think you may be getting your classes mixed up… Henry, Clary, and Cross were added to the 18 signees we had for the 2018 class (putting us at 21 total and therefor able to count 4 back) but we are on the 2019 class right now… So at this point (relatively speaking) for 2017 class doesn’t matter anymore

They were a part of the “2017 class”, but got bumped to the 2018 class (blue shirts). This means we actually had 20 players in the 2018 class, not 17. Counting Harrell makes it 21, leaving 4 open spots to count back to the 2018 class. So, yes, it still matters.

What still matters?

My point was that it seemed like he was getting the literal year and the recruiting year confused…in terms of how many we can take this year the 2017 class size is relatively moot except for the number left that counts towards the overall 85.

We had 18 signees in 2018 (J Stiudemire washed out but still counts as a signee by my understanding) add to that the 3 2017 blueshirts and that’s how we get to 21 and therefore have up to 4 spots to count back this year (assuming we have room in the 85). So again, for this year, in terms of counting back, the 2017 class size is relatively insignificant

In terms of Harrell, grad transfers only count toward the recruiting class if they enroll in January. Summer transfers just count to the overall number. At least this is my understanding from all the K Bryant talk…

i see it reported elsewhere that jefferson now will not be an early enrollee. can you confirm?

Both Dudley and RD have said that within the last few days