Confirmed. Chad Morris is Fired

Hammer down!

It was inevitable.

Channel 7 as well

Hope HY has his coach nailed down.

Tom Murphy tweeted he has confirmed the news. Press conference is tomorrow.

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ESPN now has it on the crawl.

Definitely the right decision. I feel for all the assistant coaches’ families that will be uprooted, but this is one reason there is outstanding pay in this profession.

Much respect to Hunter Yurachek.

Hearing buyout cut to $5 mil.

Interesting to see who will be intern and who HY brings in.

I like Lunney as the interim.

Rumor is that Lunney will be the interim

It was inevitable after MSU and WKU

Good riddance of a lousy coach!

Absolutely let us know how that goes.

Will Morris at least get a chance to address the team?

Gotta be kinda awkward for his son, right?

His son is not coming here. No way that happens now.

A poster previously mentioned Turner Gill. I kind of like that idea. He has head coach experience, not great results, but at least he’s held the job. He’s not connected to Morris. He might be accepted better than a current assistant. Lunney, or our running back coach, would be fine with me too.