Confirmed: Arkansas-Michigan series canceled

Jeff Long says he was informed of Michigan’s plans via email last night. … -canceled/

Well that sucks, I was looking forward to a Big House visit.


I bet the Pope and $2M had something to do with this.

I believe the SEC will have to give Arkansas a break on the requirement to play a non-conference game against a Power Five team. Not many available for this slot coming up. Schedules are set 6-7 years out nowadays. Of course, Arkansas has two million to play with to find a couple of games. is a pretty reliable source for future football schedules. I took a quick look at other Big Ten teams and Michigan State does not have a game that weekend in 2018 or 2019. But they do play Arizona State later in September both ears. That’s the kind of problem you face. You may find someone with an opening but they don’t need another Power 5 opponent.

There are very few who have the same scheduling situation as Arkansas between 2018-20. I laid out some scenarios in the story I just posted.

I say we pay Notre Dame $2 million to come play us instead. I’ve always wanted to see Touchdown Jesus as well.

I would not be surprised to see Arkansas go the independent route. Will it be Notre Dame? Not sure, but I could see BYU or Army as possibilities. There are less strings attached with independents.

BYU would be a decent choice. Michigan was way better.
Maybe Okie State, SMU, Houston, Georgia Tech Miami, Duke, North Carolina.

Looking at future schedules this is not an impossible task.

BYU has September openings all three years.

Baylor needs a Power Five opponent in 2019 though they may hesitate given their current mess.

Virginia looks open in 2019 and 2020.

I hope they do a BYU series in 2018 and 2020 with a neutral site game against Virginia or Baylor in 2019.

How about Navy that would be an excellent choice but they are in a conference. Army only if nobody else would do it, they have been down so bad for so long it’s ridiculous. The only time they play good is when they play Navy and then they still lose.

Not what they want. As I pointed out in another thread, as long as we’re playing A&M in the Death Star, we need to play our NC roadies in a year that we’re the visiting team at JerryWorld, so as to have the six RRS games they want (and will want even more once the stadium is expanded, which happens to be 2018).

But if you play a neutral site game in 2019 (a year when we’re the home team in Arlington), you only have three SEC home games and you don’t have a home game against the Power 5 team to replace it. Your plan is fine in 2018 and 2020; it’s 2019 that runs into trouble. Better to play BYU in 2018-19 and the neutral site game in 2020.

I could see that the scheduling issues will eventually force us to go back to home and home with the Aggies. A&M already wants to get out of the JerryWorld deal, which I would too if I had ironclad 100K+ crowds at home.

Simple enough, trade an up and coming hard nosed football team for an over-rated, underperforming one.