Confident TCU ready for CWS atmosphere against Arkansas (story)... … rday-agai/

I don’t blame him at all being confident, they have absolutely zero pressure on them and he’s got arguably the best left-handed pitcher in the country throwing against a team that has struggled hitting left-handers we have all the pressure on us hopefully Campbell can be at his very best and we can sratch out a few runs and pull this out but sure not going to be easy.

We’ll have our hands full, but so will TCU. I just hate that we don’t get to bat in the bottom half of the innings. Maybe we’ll be up 3+ runs going into B9 tonight. It’s always nerve wracking going into the 9th in a very close game, especially when the other team has the last at bat.

I think left-handed pitchers often just get kind of lumped together, but there are different types of lefties. Nick Lodolo reminds me more of Ethan Small and Zack Thompson than he does John Doxakis. By that, I mean Small, Thompson and Lodolo are more of a power pitcher, whereas Doxakis works off his off-speed pitches. Arkansas’ players can hit fastballs, and Lodolo is going to throw a lot of those.

Teams have touched up Lodolo some this year and he has been inconsistent on the road. He shut down Texas Tech a couple of weeks ago in Lubbock, but in the three road starts before that he gave up 3 runs on 5 hits in 6 innings at West Virginia; 7 runs on 9 hits in 5 innings at Kansas State; and 6 runs on 10 hits in 5 1/3 innings at Oklahoma.

They held out their ace and so did we… Campbell beats him in every metric but strikeouts and he doesn’t have near the team behind him that Campbell does. To get to the CWS you have beat good teams and today is a good time to start the streak.

Exactly Matt I was shocked to see he had a few rough outings so it is possible to get to him,we just can’t miss his mistakes and must take advantage of RISP and less than 2 outs and get all those in.I just hope hr diodn’t find himself and made some adjustments and it showed up agianst TT b/c to shut them out on 5 hits and 13 K’s is very impressive,hopefully our crowd will get into and have some effect on him.