Confident Gabe Richardson in position to contribute at OLB

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Boy! How can you watch that video of Gabe Richardson and not like what you see and hear? This is the attitude! I’m not getting excited until after the third game and I’m not getting my expectations too high this summer, but I’m a Gabe Richardson fan.

Added the video to the story. He was great.

I am concerned that Gabe may have Osteoporosis. At Hutcheson he was listed as 6’4." Yesterday the article said, “6’ 3.” Today’s article is listing him as 6’ 2." By my calculations Gabe will be 3’ 8" by game time on August 31. That seems too short for outside linebacker.

I really like the young man and his determination. The other players were very complimentary of his physical strength.

Gabe has big heart, big motor. That’s more important than his height.